March 5th, 2015 by Stuart Dredge


Last month, several independent labels voiced concerns at changes to Apple’s iTunes store, particularly a new ‘sales velocity’ algorithm being used to govern what appeared in the scrolling album carousels on iTunes. The concerns were about whether the change from purely-editorial picks would benefit major labels more than indies. Now Apple has responded – a sign that the company is sensitive to its reputation within the independent sector, as it prepares to relaunch Beats Music and make...

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March 3rd, 2015 by Stuart Dredge

“What most people don’t really understand is that all content creators – people who put things on the internet, and populate the shell of the web with awesome things...

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February 18th, 2015 by Music Ally


So Zane Lowe has announced he’s leaving BBC Radio 1 to join Apple. If we were looking for a sign that the worlds of music streaming and broadcast radio are converging, then...

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February 3rd, 2014 by Music Ally

Music Ally Podcast Image

This week saw Music Ally's Eamonn Forde and Stuart Dredge return to their microphone and cups of tea to talk digital music for our podcast

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