After yesterday's fireworks in the row between YouTube and UK licensing body PRS for Music, it seems the bargaining has begun again – thankfully for the thousands of artists who risk seeing their videos removed from the video-sharing site.PRS for Music has issued this statement:“Talks between PRS for Music and Google took place today to discuss the licensing of YouTube following Google's sudden decision to block premium video content on the service in the UK.The meeting was positive. We are committed to ensuring our 60,000 songwriter and composers members receive a fair deal and that UK consumers continue to enjoy music videos on YouTube. PRS for Music and Google are due to meet again over the next few days.”The stakes are certainly high – the outcome of this particular licensing negotiation will have an impact on YouTube's other discussions with rights-holders – and indeed, on the licensing landscape as a whole.The danger is that after yesterday's ill-tempered falling out, concern over seeming to lose face may become an unwanted extra complication to the already fraught negotiations.