October 30, 2009:BlueBeat music service selling Beatles, AC/DC downloads


Okay, this one has us baffled. BlueBeat is a music streaming site offering high-quality streams of full albums, as well as downloads for $0.25 a track. Its Facebook page promises to “stop the insanity of overpriced online music”, and it seems it’s not letting fripperies like a lack of licensing deals get in the way. For example, it has a bunch of Beatles and AC/DC albums to stream AND buy – Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band for $3.25, anyone? The company is apparently a wholly-owned subsidiary of Media Rights Technologies, a Californian firm run by Hank Risan, chairman of the Museum of Musical Instruments. The site and company has been around for years in different forms, but its latest incarnation doesn’t seem to have aroused the wrath of the music industry. Well, not yet, anyway.



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