January 4, 2010:Muziic picks a fight with Vevo (and loses)

Remember Muziic? It used to be a PC application that let people build music playlists from YouTube videos, but just after Christmas it launched a website version. One of the key selling points? The ability to also play videos from Vevo anywhere in the world – not just in North America – without seeing the accompanying ads. Vevo was quick to respond, emailing Muziic’s teenage founder David Nelson asking him to stop using Vevo’s content and trademark. Soon after, Vevo removed its videos from YouTube’s API, ensuring that no third-party website could use them. Muziic is back to relying on pure YouTube videos for its music content, although the company has high hopes for its spin-off Facebook application, as well as the website. Source: Epicenter Source: CNET Source: NewTeeVee Source: Mashable

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