May 9, 2011:Google prevails in French anti-piracy filtering lawsuit

Google has already tweaked its search engine to filter out certain piracy-related terms from its auto-suggest feature (for example, ‘Lady Gaga torrent’). However, the French Court of Appeal has ruled that Google doesn’t have to do it. Confused? Before the changes were announced and implemented, the Syndicat National de L’edition Phonographique (SNEP) had filed a lawsuit to try to force Google to filter out words including ‘torrent’, ‘RapidShare’ and ‘MegaUpload’ from the auto-suggest feature. SNEP lost the case in September 2010, but appealed. Now that appeal has gone in Google’s favour too, but the judge has ruled that making the changes anyway was not an admission of liability. “The fact that Google has filtered its results does not mean that they have complied with [SNEP’s] request and admitted responsibility.” Source: TorrentFreak



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