Torrent search engine isoHunt continues to battle movie industry body the MPAA in court, with the latest hearing seeing isoHunt appeal against a summary judgement granted to the MPAA last year. The arguments will be familiar to Music Ally readers. isoHunt’s attorney said that “isoHunt is a search engine. It does not host any copyrighted content, it only links to BitTorrent files. Any copyright infringement that could ever occur, would occur off-site, and leave isoHunt behind”. Meanwhile, the MPAA’s lawyer argued that “the claim is a Grokster claim; intentional inducement by the creation of this entire set of websites that facilitated infringement of the plaintiffs copyrighted works on a massive scale. The evidence that it was intentionally designed to do that is extremely compelling and indeed is undisputed.” What’s needed here is a judge with a firm grasp of the technical issues around this case, right? Oh. “I won’t pretend to understand, I didn’t know what a BitTorrent was until this case…” Source: TorrentFreak