September 14, confirms $7m funding and launches iPhone app

The announcement came as opened up to anyone in the US – no invites required any more – and also as it launched its iPhone app. The latter lets people create or join rooms to play music, and streams over 3G or Wi-Fi. CEO Billy Chasen also revealed that the site has more than 600,000 users, and hasn’t given up on the rest of the world: “We haven’t forgotten about everyone else outside of the U.S. and are still working hard to open up as quickly as we can.” Union Square Ventures partner Fred Wilson, who is joining the company’s board, published a blog post admitting that when he first heard about, he wasn’t interested. “But the service kept coming after me. It was showing up in my twitter stream, my facebook feed, my tumblr dashboard. My friends were on it and loving it. Our office was on it and loving it.” Source: Source: Union Square Ventures

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