A Genuine Freakshow manager Erik Nielsen weighs into Spotify payouts debate


This week’s arguments about Spotify payouts to artists and independent labels were fuelled yesterday by a tweet from musician Jon Hopkins, who’s one half of King Creosote & Jon Hopkins. “Got paid £8 for 90,000 plays. Fuck spotify,” he wrote – a remark that has since been widely retweeted. It’s a shocking ratio, but Music […]

Stuart Dredge

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  • will lines says:

    This is a fascinating debate and not simply a question of comparing numbers as they are not like for like. A stream is different to a “passive” radio listen is different to a purchase.

    One point of accuracy – Jon Hopkins is not one half of King Creosote, but rather a collaborator on the (rather wonderful) Diamond Mine lp.

  • stuartdredge says:

    Thanks Will, have altered the piece accordingly – that was my mistake!

  • […] downloading. That last point, however, has been knocked out of the park. Jon Hopkins may have been rather, um, unparliamentary in his language but the sentiment was clear – using music streaming services as a primary […]

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