May 9, 2012:Did Samsung buy mSpot for $10m to power its Galaxy S III Music Hub?

Did Samsung buy mSpot for $10m to power its Galaxy S III Music Hub?

When Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy S III Android smartphone last week, our attention was piqued by the reference to new features for the company’s Music Hub service. It’s a subscription-based streaming service with a catalogue of 17m songs, including a scan-and-match feature to put people’s own collections in the cloud.

Samsung plans to charge $9.99 a month for access via one smartphone or tablet, and $12.99 a month for up to four devices, including computers. The question was this: who is Samsung working with on the service? We wondered if it was existing partner 7digital, but reports emerging from Korea suggest another candidate: mSpot.

Check this report from local news service Mael Business, filed on Sunday 6 May:

“South Korea’s tech behemoth Samsung Electronics is at final stages of talks concerning the acquisition of US-based software venture Mspot a year since it started working level discussions. This deal will mark Samsung’s very first takeover of a software firm, and is estimated to cost roughly 10 billion won ($8.84 million)”

If that’s true – the report adds that “A Samsung official confirmed that the company was currently at the final stages of a possible buyout talk” – then it seems the Music Hub is mSpot-powered. The company also has a cloud movies service, which may also be a good fit for Samsung’s range of tablets and smartphones.

More news as we get it.


Stuart Dredge
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