August 7, 2012:Lalilala karaoke iPhone game taps Deezer catalogue

Lalilala karaoke iPhone game taps Deezer catalogue

As more streaming services launch their mobile APIs for developers to use, we expect a new generation of music games to emerge. Not least because they won’t have to sign their own licensing deals.

Here’s a new example: Lalilala, a freemium iPhone game from developer Appiway. Subtitled ‘Sing something’, its inspiration is pretty clear: popular drawing game Draw Something. Yes, with drawing replaced by singing.

The idea: sing songs from Deezer’s 18 million-strong catalogue, and send them to friends to see if they can guess what you’re singing, scoring points if they do.

According to Deezer, which is promoting the app, Lalilala was one of the winners at the streaming service’s first music hackathon in Paris earlier this year, which got developers to build apps on top of its Open Deezer platform.

Deezer’s APIs are in direct competition to Spotify’s own mobile API, which has powered several third-party iPhone apps but not yet – as far as we’re aware – any games.


Stuart Dredge
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