September 5, 2012:Nokia Music goes live in US ahead of Windows Phone launch

Nokia Music goes live in US ahead of Windows Phone launch

It’s a big week for Nokia, as the company launched its Nokia Music service in the US yesterday, while preparing to unveil its new line of Windows Phones at an event in New York today.

Nokia Music is the company’s Pandora-like free streaming service, based around playlists curated by its music team and guest artists. Users can also get their own playlists generated based on artists that they like – the feature known as Mix Radio elsewhere in the world.

The ad-free service runs on Nokia’s Lumia Windows Phone smartphones – the 900 and 710 in the US – although it’s highly likely to be a selling point for the company’s new handsets running the Windows Phone 8 operating system.

We’ve seen already that Mix Radio is a slick and disruptive service, although its impact on rivals like Pandora will be limited for now since it’s not available on platforms like iOS and Android.

Today’s handsets launch is a key moment for Nokia in the bigger scheme of things, though. Indeed, it’s been characterised as a last roll of the dice for both Nokia and Microsoft in the smartphones market.

Both companies need to try to win round more consumers, operators and app developers to Windows Phone as a real contender against Apple and Google’s ecosystems. Nokia Music’s chances of success depend on the fortunes of Windows Phone.


Stuart Dredge
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