With Teeth: Is it time for Spotify’s play counts to be made public?


It’s been interesting reading Grizzly Bear’s thoughts on Spotify over this weekend. One comment that particularly caught my eye was this one: “Not saying that Spotify doesn’t spread the word, but at least radio and venues look at YouTube counts. With Spotify, its nothing” I can’t speak for the USA, but certainly here in the […]

Darren Hemmings

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  • This is a good argument for publishing the totals. It does, naturally, make Spotify vulnerable to people hyping its play count but on balance I agree it would make a useful statistic for artists.

  • robowenmac says:

    Is Spotify a platform that you can really measure ‘buzz’ on?

    The No.1 in the Spotify streaming chart is no.13 in the OCC. Ed Sheeran has been No.1 on the album chart on Spotify for god knows how long too.

    Until artists release content on Spotify before it’s available for sale then I don’t think Spotify’s statistics would be that beneficial for this purpose.

    Artists managers and labels are also given all the statistics from Spotify so if they feel they have a case they could go to radio and show that radio show their insights from Spotify if they so wish.

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