“Streaming an album over the internet 27 times can use more energy than the manufacturing and production of its CD equivalent”. Dagfinn Bach, R&D Director, Bach Technology AS Digital’s sustainability… The recordings business has at times been an uneasy bedfellow with technology, never more so than during the last decade which has been dominated by the disruptive and transformative power of the internet and developments in digital distribution. It’s taken 10 years but, finally, it seems that licensed streaming and cloud services may be close to a tipping point for mass adoption. This marks what may prove to be the beginning of a dramatic shift away from an ownership model and towards an access model of music consumption. With over 500+ licensed digital music services currently in operation around the globe, new entrants are adding to an already complex and vibrant market. The hope, mirrored by initial sales stats, is broadly that these services are growing the digital music pie by providing safe, high-quality alternatives to file-sharing at a reasonable-to-no cost to the general public, who are able to enjoy convenient access across a range of devices. As well as making licensed music much easier and quicker to access, an […]

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