September 16, 2012:Amanda Palmer gets an official iPhone app. In fact, she has two…

Amanda Palmer made waves with a $1.2m Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for her new album and tour. Now, just as the ‘Theatre is Evil’ album comes out, Amanda has an official iPhone app.

It’s called Amanda Palmer, and is a free download from the App Store. “Stay up to date on the latest music, videos, photos and other news, connect with other AFP fans, share photos, and more,” explains its blurb.

Judging by the App Store support link, the app has been built using Mobile Roadie’s platform, so we’re guessing an Android version may be released shortly too.

Here’s a thing, though: there’s already an “official” Amanda Palmer app for iPhone. It’s called Amanda Palmer – Who Killed Amanda Palmer?, originally came out in August 2009 and was updated as recently as 1 September 2012.

We’re guessing the newer app will be Amanda’s main mobile outlet going forward, though.


Stuart Dredge
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