November 13, 2012:One Direction pass 100m Spotify streams and launch 1D Music app

Spotify and Sony Music have teamed up to launch a dedicated Spotify app for British boy-band One Direction, while also announcing that the band have passed 100m plays on the streaming music service.

The app is called 1D Music, and launched this morning to tie in with One Direction’s new album Take Me Home.

The album streams from within the app, but there are also curated playlists from the band members, Instagram and Twitter feeds from the band, and the ability for fans to create and send playlists for consideration for a ‘Fan Hall of Fame’.

It’s the latest artist app for Spotify, following Tiesto’s Club Life, Blur, Rancid and Quincy Jones, although they haven’t set the streaming world alight – Tiesto’s is the most popular of the lot, but is only ranked 38th in Spotify’s Top Apps chart.

The 100m figure is interesting, though. If we were mischievous, we might pull a speculative per-stream payout figure from the internet – say, this one of $0.008246668 a stream – and use that to calculate a rough gross payout for One Direction’s 100m streams.

So around $825k, although what that means by the time it actually reaches the band will depend on their contracts. Payouts also vary according to whether they come from free or premium users – we suspect a lot of One Direction fans may be on free accounts – and in any case, that’s just one per-stream figure based on an indie band.


Stuart Dredge
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