Classical pianist Lang Lang was the star turn at Midem this afternoon, talking about his career, but also how he uses technology to connect to his fans and reach new one. Against a backdrop of arguing musicians, rightsholders and technology firms, his positivity about the potential for technology and music was refreshing. Lang Lang love of music started with cartoons as a child – he cited Tom & Jerry – The Cat Concerto as a key early influence. “It was a cartoon, not a CD LP or a cassette tape that first inspired my great passion for the piano and classical music,” he said, before turning to technology. “The speed at which new technology is introduced every day is dizzying,” he said, addressing the technology industry. “We as musicians are greatly indebted to you for enabling us to spread our love for music globally, through your creativity.” “The power of technology is limitless, much like the power of music. Perhaps this is why they are such good partners,” he continued. “As we have witnessed in the past few years, social media totally changed many parts of the world. But it has also served as an instant tool for communication partnerships, networking and […]

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