February 19, 2013:China overtakes the US for active iOS and Android devices says Flurry

If mobile analytics firm Flurry’s latest research is correct, there’s been an important tipping point in the world of smart devices.

Based on data from more than 275k mobile apps using its tools, Flurry estimates that in January, there were 222m active iOS and Android smartphones and tablets in the US, and 221m in China – but that by the end of this month, there’ll be 246m in China and 230m in the US.

These two countries are streets ahead of the rest of the world: the third biggest country on Flurry’s January chart is the UK with 43m active iOS and Android devices, followed by South Korea (30m), Japan (29m) and Germany (27m).

To put that into context: in the last 12 months, China added 150m new devices, while the US added 55m. “The only other country that could feasibly overtake China sometime in the future is India, with a population of just over 1.2 billion,” notes Flurry – although 19m active devices in India hints that will be some time.

The most important section in Flurry’s research that we’d point music industry execs to, though, is its graph plotting the fastest growing iOS and Android markets – based on countries with at least 500k active devices.

Colombia tops the chart with 278% year-on-year growth, followed by Vietnam, Turkey, Ukraine, Egypt, China, Chile, India, Venezuela, South Africa, Thailand and the Philippines.

Something to ponder when considering the importance of mobile for successful digital music services in these emerging markets in the coming years.


Stuart Dredge
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