Music Ally Podcast ImageIn the latest Music Ally podcast, Stuart Dredge and Eamonn Forde broadcast live from among the bustle and barbecue smoke of SXSW (they really are there – it’s true) to make sense of the latest digital music news. Among the topics under the glare of their spotlight (and the midday sun of Texas, where they definitely are today) are: SoundCloud, brands and where the money is going; BandPage Experiences and where it might plug a gap when Kickstarter and Pledge Music campaigns fail to reach the finish line; why Alex Day and BitTorrent is not “the death knell for labels”; what Spotify hitting 6m subscribers means; and a side rant about how the Justin Timberlake campaign exposes an organisational schizophrenia between press and marketing departments. Bonus: this week’s torturous pun is based around the hits of Jessie J.