amanda palmerIt’s been one of the most common questions within the music industry since Amanda Palmer raised $1.2m on Kickstarter to fund a new album, tour and book: how many copies of the album did she sell? Yesterday, Palmer herself provided an answer: 85,000 copies in the six months since ‘Theatre is Evil’ was released, with 25,000 of those going to Kickstarter backers. Some sales were pay-what-you-like downloads from Palmer’s website, while the rest came from her deal with labels Girlie Action and Cooking Vinyl. Palmer was keen to stress in her appearance at SXSW that traditional distribution is still important to artists like herself. “People still do go into stores to buy stuff. They buy vinyl. They buy books. Distribution partners will be needed, especially as artists climb the ladder and make more and different kinds of things and distribute further and wider.”