June 5, 2013:2013 Edelman Entertainment survey sheds light on consumers

Edelman has published its latest annual Global Entertainment Survey, grilling 6,500 people across eight countries – the US, UK, India, Brazil, China, Germany, Turkey and South Korea – about their entertainment usage.

Its television findings may grab more attention than music, but some of the trends are still interesting to think about for the music industry.

Examples? People’s desire for more “immersive and interactive experiences” – bingeing on TV shows, but also looking for additional online content related to their entertainment, buying merchandise on their smartphone or tablet, and heading to social networks to “interact with talent from the entertainment I like”.

Edelman notes that emerging markets – India, Brazil and China – are notably more engaged in all this.

The study also claims people are “as likely to share about entertainment as about themselves or their friends” – another trend led by the emerging markets – and that personal recommendations from a real-life friend or family member are still the top influencer of entertainment choices, some distance ahead of professional reviews and recommendations from critics, or from celebrities.

That’s something to think about with regards to the current music/tech industry chatter about new discovery tools.

Meanwhile, Edelman’s slides on spending drivers show a notable rise in “being one of the first to enjoy new entertainment” as a driver for people spending money: 39% of UK respondents said it’s an extremely or somewhat important factor, up from 23% in the 2012 survey and 14% in 2011.

Something else to ponder amid the debate around digital music exclusivity and pre-release streams…


Stuart Dredge
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