In the Music Ally podcast this week, Stuart Dredge and Eamonn Forde trying to start a multi-directional digital music business journalism “beef” by windmilling at Digital Music News, Bob Lefsetz and anyone else they can think of (before backing down and saying they are pacifists/cowards). They also talk about proper things. Among the topics covered are: Pink Floyd making their catalogue available on Spotify and what the knock-on effect will be for bong and lava lamp sales in Camden market (as well as a diversion into speculation about the exact colour and texture of Judith Chalmers’ skin); if Newton Faulkner’s decision to livestream the recording of his new album will be really dull or if it will descend into Troggs Tapes-style screaming matches; if Jay-Z giving 1m copies of his album away to Samsung users is a good move; why Russia is finally doing something about piracy; why the indies don’t care about Myspace and what Pandora buying a radio station really means (include Stu’s plan to launch a station that only plays Menswe@r’s debut album). Bonus content: incredible speculation on what would have happened if the music business had bought the internet in 1995 and how music could have been delivered on cassette through special screen printers.