We’ve seen music industry body the BPI go to the UK’s High Court several times in the last year to force British ISPs to block access to popular filesharing sites. Now football’s Premier League is following suit, requesting a court order to get a similar block on Swedish streaming video site FirstRow1.eu. The BBC reports that none of the ISPs will oppose the order, which is the first sport-related block in the UK. The site lets people  watch live streams of sports matches online, including the Premier League, and is used by a number of fans who don’t subscribe to the official broadcasters in their country. The news raises the prospect of action being taken against unlicensed streaming music services at some point – would the BPI go after Grooveshark, for example? And it also poses some questions about ISP attitudes when a block has implications for their own content businesses, because from September, the UK’s largest ISP BT will be televising some Premier League matches through its set-top boxes .

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