July 30, 2013:Music Ally Podcast #35 – All Def Music, Rdio, Snapchat, Apple and more

Music Ally Podcast #35 – All Def Music, Rdio, Snapchat, Apple and more

Hurtling headfirst into a brave new audio future, Stuart Dredge and Eamonn Forde have a beautiful new podcasting microphone (big shout out to the marvellous people at Apogee Digital). This is the sonic equivalent of when they clean up those Renaissance paintings and can finally see everything in the background. Topics discussed in crystal clear quality include: Universal’s new All Def Music channel on YouTube, how it will be used for A&R and why MeouwTube is where people should really be focusing their efforts; Rdio’s partnership with Live Nation and how it is steadily building its presence without going the freemium or bundled routes; why Rithm and Snapverse are probably not going to the “the Snapchats for music” (including an exasperated rant from Stu about the lazy categorisation of new services); why Legitmix is an incredibly clever thing but one that leaves our fearless podcasters scratching their heads and wondering WHY it’s needed; and finally a new company called Apple that seems to be making a bit of money (and why apps are way more profitable for it than music). Bonus content 1: Eamonn’s plans to storm into the posh flats that have replaced Olympic Studios in Barnes and podcast from there as it’s a public right of way. Maybe. Bonus content 2: Stu repeatedly having to fix the falling drapes that we used to soundproof our podcasting “hub”.


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