September 12, 2013:Twitter #Music gets a new Spotify app

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It had all gone a bit quiet on the Twitter #Music front, after the social network’s music discovery app launched in a blaze of publicity earlier this year.

The iPhone app and website has received regular updates, but it’s been unclear how popular (or unpopular) it is, and whether it’s getting significant traction among users. Well, we still don’t know the answer to that, but Twitter #Music is at least spreading its net a bit wider with a new Spotify app.

Released for the streaming music’s desktop apps platform, it promises to deliver “the world’s best new music” to Spotify users, based on what’s buzzing on Twitter, as well as the latest tweets from artists.

The app offers genre-based charts covering alternative, country, dance, electronic, folk, hip hop, metal, pop, R’n’B and rock, as well as its wider Superstars, Popular, Emerging, Unearthed and Hunted charts.

Charts are arranged as thumbnails of playable songs, and they can also be saved as playlists. The app’s launch shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, as We Are Hunted – the music discovery startup that Twitter acquired to make Twitter #Music – had one of the more popular Spotify apps before it was bought.


Stuart Dredge
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