Interview: Moby talks BitTorrent, Spotify and artists’ digital rights


With a number of artists busily squaring up to both Spotify and the labels about their streaming payments, Moby argues they are focusing too heavily on the short-term issues and becoming beholden to the idea of digital services as immovable monoliths that replaced the cumbersome major label system.

He talks about using BitTorrent as a distribution partner, why railing against piracy is like yelling at the weather, why technology’s state of flux is a good thing and why algorithms can’t replace the arbitrary and surprise nature of human-led discovery.

Eamonn Forde

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One response
  • Neil says:

    Wow, that was horrible. Naive is not the word here.

    “If every musician, label and manager really focused on making the best possible music that they could and doing whatever they could to really focus on and enhance the relationship with the listener, the rest would probably take care of itself.”

    Oh sure. That’s how it’s always worked, right?

    “They can write music for movies or video games, they can do remixes, they can DJ, they can write songs for other people, they can develop apps. ”

    Well I guess we can look forward to a future full of Mobys, and leave behind the likes of Nick Drake or anyone else who is not a fucking DJ.

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