More figures released to show music’s per-stream payouts versus downloads


Recent months have seen more transparency around payouts from streaming music service, including Spotify’s publication for the first time of its average payouts.

The last few days have seen some updated figures from the independent sector too: a set of per-stream payouts from an unnamed indie label published by The Trichordist, and the latest sales and streaming figures from artist Zoë Keating. As ever, the figures will be brandished to support several different views of how well streaming is paying off for labels and artists.

Stuart Dredge

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  • Person says:

    “The chart ranges from Amazon Cloud ($0.00012 per stream, meaning 5,862 streams equal the payout from a single download) ”

    Cloud services are not truly representative of the streaming market place, so it may be worth caveating this minuscule per-stream rate by mentioning that in order to access music via the cloud, you must first own a digital copy. Therefore it goes from 5.9k streams per download to an extension of initial download revenue.

    Obviously a number of streamers will have obtained content via illegal download, and in that case at least some revenues are being reaped from cloud access…

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