Download store Beatport’s charts carry plenty of clout in the dance music world, so it’s no surprise to see people trying to rig them – including companies actively selling services promising to game the rankings. Beatport isn’t happy with that. “Over the past few years, we’ve noticed an increase in services offering to boost a track’s Beatport chart position for a price,” explained a blog post from the company this week, warning that “we’re getting better” at spotting such rigging, and then removing songs and even permanently banning offending artists and labels. “To anyone tempted to use one of these so-called chart-boosting services, we urge you to first consider the cost. Not the monetary cost of what these scams charge, but rather the cost to your career, to your reputation, and the cost to your soul,” explained the company. “You’re doing more than cheating. You’re stealing. You’re lying. You’re taking false credit for something you didn’t earn, and you’re hurting someone else by doing so.”

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