August 27, 2014:Streaming music’s gotten big in the state of Denmark

Halvaarstal ny2Denmark is making its play as one of the world’s most digital nations for music, with physical sales accounting for just 18% of the country’s music revenues in the first half of 2014 according to figures released yesterday by the IFPI.

Downloads took a 19% share, but it’s streaming that’s now driving the Danish market, accounting for 63% of revenues in the first six months of this year. By contrast, in 2013 downloads had a 29% market share, while streaming had 45%.

It’s the pace of change that’s interesting here, even if it’s not unusual for the early-adopting Scandinavian market. Download sales have fallen 33% year-on-year, more than the 31% decline in physical sales.

“If we look two years back, streaming was just 24% of the market, but now it is up to 63%,” said IFPI’s national group director in Denmark Jakob Plesner Mathiasen. “It says everything about how crucial adaptability and a focus on the needs of consumers is for our industry.”

We’ll have to wait for actual sales figures, although the IFPI says that total revenues in Denmark have risen 2% year-on-year – with streaming up 44% as part of that. It’s a pattern we’ve seen before in Sweden and Norway, where streaming’s rise has pulled the overall markets back into growth.

The Netherlands has seen a similar trend – one of the first markets outside Scandinavia to do so. While sceptics still wonder when (or whether) we’ll see such a trend in the biggest music markets like the US, UK and Germany, the outlook in Scandinavia remains positive.


Stuart Dredge
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