Tidal interim CEO Peter Tonstad has left the company after two months


Jay-Z may have another problem to add to his list: the latest CEO of Tidal, the streaming music service that the rapper and entrepreneur co-owns with a group of his fellow artists, appears to have resigned.

At least, that’s the claim on Norwegian news site Dagens Næringsliv, complete with a quote from Peter Tonstad: “The only thing I can confirm is that I have resigned,” he said. Tonstad only took up his role on 17 April, meaning he has been in the job a little over two months.

The full DN article is behind a paywall, but other Scandinavian media have picked up the story. Tonstad’s appointment in April was actually a return to the company, since he was CEO of Aspiro – the company that Jay Z bought to form the basis of Tidal earlier this year – between 2011 and 2014.

Stuart Dredge

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