Spotify now processes ‘nearly 1bn streams every day’


Some figures around Spotify are very public, like its 75 million active users; its 20 million paying subscribers and its $3bn of rightsholder payouts. Others need a bit more ferreting out.

The company’s engineering team dropped a new (as far as we can tell) stat yesterday via its Twitter account. “We process nearly 1 billion streams every day by running 9000 @hadoop jobs on our 1300 node cluster,” explained its tweet.

Which set off all kinds of maths in our heads. If it was a round 1bn streams a day, that would mean each active user averages 400 streams a month – or, taking four minutes as an average track length, around 27 listening hours if you don’t factor in skips.

Stuart Dredge

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2 responses
  • Dre says:

    Hack job for Apple beats? Cos those figures kinda spiralled out of hands pretty fast…..Spotify is here to stay !

  • Stuart Dredge says:

    Hack job? Not sure what you mean by that – we’re just digging around the figures and trying to understand what they mean (on all counts: Apple Music too, once numbers start emerging from that).

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