Swedish musician Johan Johansson sues to stop label putting his music on Spotify


Sweden may be the home of streaming music, but there’s a fascinating legal dispute afoot that will be followed closely by artists elsewhere in the world. It concerns “punk icon” Johan Johansson, who has successfully sued record label MNW (formerly Musiknätet Waxholm) to stop it releasing his music on Spotify. A district court has ruled against MNW in the case, which may open the way for other artists to take similar action.
As Swedish news site ETC explained, Johansson had the backing of the Swedish musicians’ union for his lawsuit, which claimed that while MNW owned the recordings of his former bands KSMB and John Lenin, it does not have the rights to distribute them through on-demand services like Spotify. “We have to hope that it sets a standard that companies must not exploit the rights anyway without a contract,” Johansson told ETC.

Stuart Dredge

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