Streaming payouts complaints from La Roux to All About That Bass


Another week, another flurry of complaints from artists and songwriters about the royalties they are getting from streams of their work. As ever, the complaints need to be taken seriously, but also dug into a little deeper to understand where the problems are in the flow of payments from digital services through to creators.

Take La Roux first, who tweeted out her displeasure at her latest royalty cheque. “. @Spotify thanks for the £100 for this quarter just gone, one more month and I might be able to afford your premium service. Lucky me!” she wrote.

But what’s puzzling here is that according to Spotify’s newly-public stats on La Roux’s profile, she has more than 811,000 monthly listeners on the service. Even if they only listened to one track each a month, at the claimed average-per-stream rate of $0.0072 per stream, that would be $17.5k of quarterly payouts to her label and publisher.

Stuart Dredge

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