The Wide World of Music Recognition (guest column)


As a Music Ally reader, you’ll be familiar with the audio-fingerprinting technology used by services like Shazam to identify music by comparing a small segment of a track with their millions-strong database of songs.

With 120 million active users, Shazam’s popularity means it’s the most familiar use for this technology, which itself is the most prominent part of a larger category commonly known as Automatic Content Recognition (ACR).

Even though the technology for audio recognition has been around for almost 20 years, it is only in the past few years that even more mainstream applications have utilised it. Alongside Shazam, other major audio-recognition service providers include ACRCloud, Audible Magic, BMAT, Civolution, Gracenote, Mufin, SoundHound, and Rovi.

Shazam-style apps are not the only way music/audio recognition technology can be used, however. Here are some more applications that may not be as obvious to the uninitiated.

Stuart Dredge

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