Spotify embroiled in publishing royalties row with Victory Records


Artists including La Roux, Joanna Newsom and James Blunt may be keeping the Spotify royalties rows bubbling, but the streaming service may have a bigger problem to deal with focused on publishing royalties.
It all kicked off yesterday with an announcement by independent label Victory Records that its catalogue had been pulled from Spotify “as a result of Spotify not properly paying publishing revenues due to Victory Records’ artists”.
The label made specific allegations: that an audit of Spotify revealed 53m streams that had not had publishing royalties paid; and that Victory had declined to sign a contract granting Spotify mechanical clearance to use its music, due to a conflict with its deal with royalty-collecting firm Audiam.

“The bottom line is that artists and songwriters are not being paid and fans of Victory’s artists cannot listen to the music,” claimed the label.

Stuart Dredge

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  • Mark Isherwood says:

    One cannot but help pointing out how a Global Repertoire Database would solve all these problems!!!

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