20 music/tech startups we’ll be watching in 2016


At times in 2015, Music Ally felt like a grouch when surveying the landscape of music/tech startups – usually at the sight of the latest ‘Instagram / WhatsApp for music’ social app without an obvious demand from users (never mind a clear business model) in sight.

But as we went over our year’s coverage of new tech companies in or around the music industry, we found more reasons for optimism than we expected. There are still new, inventive startups with the potential to do great things in music.

Here are 20 of the companies we wrote about for the first time in 2015, whose fortunes we’re eager to follow in 2016.

Stuart Dredge

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  • Maybe consider

    Music fans can play any trending song in the world without monthly subscription fee, login or registration. It works worldwide.

    Plus, people can seamlessly share music across any messaging platform (email, IM, Twitter, etc) with a simple URL.


  • j mascho says:

    i don’t think soundtrap has a chance… bandlab is doing what they do even better in html5 and they even have native apps for your phone…. it’s also completely free… why would anyone pay for freemium with soundtrap?

  • Great list! I’ve been using this website that focuses on independent Caribbean Music called ‘Skempi’ and have been loving it so far. It appears they will be releasing the Android and iOS app also this year. Check them out!

  • None of the blockchain solutions are anywhere near Aurovine and the audiocoin they just need the funding to get the name out but the technology is already there…. Very strange they keep being overlooked…. I suspect style over substance in a lot of these articles.

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