Vevo: ‘People have undervalued just how important the TV is’


“TV now reminds me a little bit of mobile in 2006 to 2007. There’d been at least six to eight years of people talking about building mobile services and apps on platforms like Symbian, but it didn’t really work.”

Mark Hall is part of music-video service Vevo’s product team, having joined the company in December 2015 when it acquired Showyou, the video-streaming startup that he’d founded. He’s been thinking about connected TVs for longer than most.

“I feel that with connected TV, we’re just getting to the point where the combination of Amazon’s Fire TV, Apple TV and other devices, powered up with the right kind of chips, enough memory and ease of connecting to the internet, are finally giving us the potential to make really great apps,” he continues.

“It’s like the introduction of the smartphone, these ‘smart consoles’, if you can call them that. We’ve gone from underpowered devices that were very clunky, to devices that are more powerful and easy to author for.”

Vevo – now up to 16bn monthly views across its network – may have started out as a website with mobile apps, but televisions have been on its radar for some time.

Stuart Dredge

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