March 14, 2016:Melissa Ferrick to Spotify: Why haven’t you paid us already?’

Melissa Ferrick to Spotify: Why haven’t you paid us already?’

Artist Melissa Ferrick has been talking to Billboard about her class-action lawsuit against Spotify over mechanical licensing.

“It’s not that I don’t think it’s a cool way to listen to music, they’re just not legally obtaining the licenses they need for streaming,” said Ferrick.

“My reaction is: Why haven’t you paid us already? They’ve infringed on 127 of my copyrights. This infringe-now-and-pay-later cannot become the norm. I’m not going to print beautiful copies of art, hang them in a gallery, charge $20 admission and save some of it until a lawyer who represents the artists shows up.”

Ferrick also hints at possible opposition to the National Music Publishers Association-brokered settlement with Spotify that’s in the works.

“As someone who owns and administers my own publishing I want to stand up for other people who own and administer their work. I’m not alone out here. It may look like it now, but I’m not…”


Stuart Dredge
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