SoundCloud Go paid subscription service launches in the US (interview)


SoundCloud has launched its long-awaited premium subscription tier, SoundCloud Go, although it will be US-only for now.

The launch comes shortly after SoundCloud reached a licensing deal with Sony Music, the third and final major label to sign on the dotted line, also joining indie agency Merlin and various publishers.

Details? The official price for SoundCloud Go will be $9.99 a month, with features including offline listening; a catalogue of 125m tracks swelled by the catalogues of those partner labels; and no advertising.

Why “official” price? Because SoundCloud Go is launching through the company’s iOS and Android apps: it’ll cost $9.99 on Android but $12.99 on iOS, due to Apple’s 30% cut of in-app subscriptions.

Meanwhile, musicians and other creators who already pay for SoundCloud’s ‘Pro Unlimited’ features will get a discounted rate of $4.99 a month on SoundCloud Go for the first six months.

Those are the basic details, but Music Ally had plenty more questions about how SoundCloud Go will interact with SoundCloud’s existing free tier; how the company plans to help listeners navigate through its huge catalogue; how remixes and mixes will be monetised; and whether SoundCloud has managed to avoid any Spotify-style mechanical licences headaches.

Stuart Dredge

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