How indie label Marathon Artists launched its own startups accelerator


Forging closer relationships with technology startups has been on many music companies’ agenda over the past decade.

Independent firm Marathon Artists has formalised the process, with its Marathon Labs accelerator. It launched earlier this year as a partnership with Sushi Venture Partners, with six startups part of its first cohort.

Stuart Dredge

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  • Paul says:

    Hi, an interesting article. I couldn’t agree with you more. We are a start-up publishing company (Spaghetti Music Publishing) addressing the very issues you have raised. We have designed flexible options that suit the changing music market, and all with distinct personalisation possibilities for sound recording and publishing royalties or synchronisation focus. It is the age of The Music Independents and the Internet Marketplace in all aspects of the industry, and our publishing company has formatted a business model to suit. Further, in this new model, the publisher can act in a diversity of roles, including providing traditional Label services through sound recordings (we have a recording studio) or Promotions for example. This can occur without the sticky aftermath of bad label and management deals… something quite attractive to many independent artists. Nevertheless, we can still work hand-in-glove with traditional frameworks as well, but the beauty of it is an artist doesn’t have to if they don’t want to. The artist can choose their level of independence or interdependency. Oh, and we also reduce the agreements to 2 or so pages with clear easy-to-understand-for-normal-musician terms – what a joy! In any case, it appears to be very popular and we are growing rapidly. Thanks for you article, it is nice to hear someone else is thinking in the same direction as we are. Cheers, Paul

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