YouTube defends Content ID following music labels’ criticism


YouTube has been defending its Content ID system following criticism of its anti-infringement tool in recent submissions to the US Copyright Office by the three major labels.

It represents the latest front in the war of words between YouTube and the music industry at a time when the service is preparing to negotiate new licensing deals – and also when reviews of safe-harbour legislation are underway on both sides of the Atlantic.

Stuart Dredge

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One response
  • Rees Fowler says:

    Once again YouTube forgets that their Content ID system is utterly broken in the first place, claiming content that isn’t even the property of these big companies and causing creators to lose money on their own original works if the dispute against the claim is denied.

    It’s not as messed up as the Copyright Strike system in place at the moment, but it’s still an issue that YouTube is seemingly ignoring.

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