Music-streaming playlist strategy for 2016… and beyond


The final session at AIM’s Music Connected conference covered streaming playlist strategies, with an expert panel.

They included Adam Cardew of Absolute Label Services; David Emery of Kobalt Label Services; Sammy Andrews of Entertainment Intelligence; Justin Barker of Slice Music; Zac Vibert of !K7 Artist & Label Services. It was moderated by Tim Ingham of Music Business Worldwide.

Vibert talked about there being a lot more to a campaign than just being on “flagship playlists” on streaming services, even though securing placement is a priority for labels.

Stuart Dredge

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  • Sorry, barker, but playola is not “grossly overstated”. And it is not about $10.
    I was once asked 100 euros/track for inclusion into one playlist, and last week $2500 to be considered for inclusion (or money back). Closing your eyes to the problem doesn’t eliminate it. And yes, I have proof.

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