July 18, 2016:Director of Repertoire Management – SoundExchange – Washington, D.C.

Sound Exchange is an independent digital collective management organization that represents the entire recorded music industry. SoundExchange’s mission is to support, protect and propel the music industry forward.


SoundExchange is seeking a Director of Repertoire Management to lead its Repertoire Management department. As a key member of the senior management team, the Director will be responsible for strategic and tactical issues related to music metadata, the management of incoming repertoire metadata from copyright owners, and ensuring the overall quality and consistency of the data. The Director will also manage the ongoing development of SoundExchange’s Repertoire Management System, as well as other applications which leverage this industry-leading data resource.

Reporting to SoundExchange’s Chief Operating Officer, the Director will be the “go to” source for all issues related to the collection, cleaning and delivery of music repertoire metadata.   This includes working with repertoire owners for the submission of data, as well as the interchange of repertoire data with international rights organizations.

The successful candidate will have an extensive experience working with sound recording metadata, a strong analytic background, and hands-on facility with the sophisticated technical and systems tools required to manage repertoire metadata successfully.   She/he will have worked in a strategic capacity with senior management, and must have music industry experience.

Knowledge of music licensing and performance rights organizations is a plus.   She/he will be an effective communicator, able to interpret and present complex data in an understandable fashion to non-technical executives.    She/he will be a self-starter and able to bring new and unique perspectives to the interpretation and presentation of information.   A clear and concise writing style is required.   The Director will play a key role in developing strategies for SoundExchange’s future metadata applications.


Develop SoundExchange’s digital supply chain for inbound repertoire metadata
Manage interactions with repertoire owners for the submission of repertoire metadata
Establish and maintain workflows to efficiently process and provide feedback on high volumes of data submissions, ensuring the highest quality of repertoire data
Utilize insights and analytics to design and execute data improvement exercises on repertoire data
Work as the primary point of contact for the interchange of metadata with partners
Continuously evaluate and respond to the needs of Repertoire Management System users, in order to deliver critical functionality in a timely fashion
Act as primary business stakeholder for Repertoire Management System requirement gathering tasks
Manage the Repertoire Management System development roadmap
Identify and act upon opportunities for process improvements
Effectively represent SoundExchange’s interests in various standards-setting organizations, as well as on projects undertaken in collaboration with international partners

Skills and Qualifications:

BA or BS; minimum 5-7 years or more work experience in the music or closely related content industries
Will have worked directly with music repertoire metadata, preferably at a label
Understands key concepts related to music and rights management
Prior experience in a product manager role preferred
Experience with DDEX standards a plus
Exceptional technical and data analysis skills:
– working with databases and reporting tools
– strong understanding of data models and cleansing of data
– expert-level data query and analytics skills required
Excellent communication and presentation skills, a clean & clear style
Strategic thinker with a vision to create a music industry standard repertoire database, and the applications such a database will enable
Highly organized, an effective manager able to oversee large, complex projects.

To apply, please send a cover letter and résumé to jobs@soundexchange.com.

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