September 27, 2016:Apple to begin selling Sonos speakers online and off

Sonos has announced that its Play:1 and Play:5 speakers are now on sale through Apple’s online store, and that they’ll also be available in its IRL Apple Stores in early October.

The partnership follows on from Sonos’ Apple Music integration, with a three-month Apple Music gift card bundled into the systems sold in Apple’s stores now.

“Our expanded collaboration with Apple is a great example of our ongoing work with our full ecosystem of partners to make it easier than ever to listen to music out loud at home,” said Sonos president Patrick Spence in a statement.

Sonos’ deepening partnership with Apple is also interesting in the light of rumours of Apple’s plans to launch an Amazon Echo-style speaker with built-in voice assistant tech.

Such a device should be disruptive to Sonos’ business – Echo has been, as Sonos boss John MacFarlane has publicly said – but it’s yet possible that Sonos could be a hardware partner for Apple’s expansion into home audio.

Or even an acquisition…

Stuart Dredge
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