October 26, 2016:Tether wants to be ‘the ultimate music discovery app’

The search for a decent business model – or, to be honest, any kind of business model – in music discovery startups goes on.

The latest throwing its hat into the ring is Tether Music, a smartphone app launched by tech firm Itagit Technologies.

“Tether is the ultimate music discovery app… It offers a hybrid downloading & streaming user experience,” explains its App Store listing.

That appears to involve a blend of charts and radio-station airplay lists from around the world, with Gracenote’s music-identification tech built in, and an archive of live and DJ sets added by musicians and DJs. Plus users can search for music from YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes and Beatport.

Itagit – previously known as SMS-based digital music company MediaWave until a recent rebranding – is hoping to make money from Tether Music’s $1.99-a-month ‘full access’ subscription.

Stuart Dredge
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