November 3, 2016:Octane AI launches chatbots for 50 Cent, Kiss and Aerosmith

Battle of the bots! Or at least battle of the bot platforms.

We’ve written several times about UK agency We Make Awesome Sh’s development of a platform to help brands and labels create and run their own chatbots – including Hardwell and Olly Murs.

Now it’s got competition from US firm Octane AI, which has just announced a $1.5m funding round while launching bots for 50 Cent, Aerosmith and Kiss among other clients.

“Our goal is to just lower the barrier to creating and managing a bot and make it so you don’t have to design anything, you don’t have to program anything, you don’t have to be an expert on bots,” said co-founder Ben Parr.

“You don’t have to be an expert in designing conversation. You can have a bot up and running in three to four minutes, not just as a big business but as a mom and pop shop.”

The company is warning that its chatbots are “not the fanciest things in the world” however, with a firm focus on (in the music cases) selling merchandise and fanclub memberships.

“We’re just trying to take a simple approach to this and say if you don’t have a bot right now, here’s a simple bot that’s better than what you have,” co-founder Matt Schlicht told VentureBeat.

Stuart Dredge
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