December 19, 2016:Swangg app is like meets Sing! Karaoke

“If you can sing in the shower, write a tweet or make a beat – you can Swangg,” claims the App Store listing for a new app whose creators are optimistically hoping to turn its name into a verb.

This isn’t the new Shazam though: Swangg is more like a cross between and Smule’s Sing! Karaoke. “Unite with others around the world to make original new songs and hit music videos,” explains the listing.

There are several ways to use the app: people can sing or rap as an ‘artist’; write lyrics of 300 characters or less and become a ‘songwriter’; or contribute beats to be a ‘producer’ – with these three types of users collaborating remotely on music videos that can be shared on bigger social networks.

Swangg is hoping to make its money through in-app subscriptions of between $2.99 and $12.99 a month from producers.

Stuart Dredge
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