December 20, 2016:Taylor Swift hits Spotify’s top 5 as Black Keys return

This morning, there’s an unexpected artist at number four in Spotify’s Global Top 50 chart: Taylor Swift.

Despite continuing to withhold her back catalogue from the streaming service, Swift’s new duet with Zayn Malik, ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Foreever’, is notching up more than 2.6m daily plays on the service.


Why is it on Spotify? The song is from a film soundtrack – rumpo-packed potboiler Fifty Shades Darker – which means it doesn’t fall under Swift’s catalogue holdback.

It’s the same reason why her ‘Safe & Sound’ (from The Hunger Games) and ‘Crazier’ (from Hannah Montana: The Movie) are still on Spotify, helping Swift maintain nearly six million monthly listeners on the service she’s shunned.

Swift and Malik’s success comes as another prominent Spotify holdout, the Black Keys, returned their catalogue to the service.

“After five years of struggling with this we agreed to put the keys songs on Spotify. I’d rather people hear our music than not,” tweeted the band’s Patrick Carney. “No advance or money was exchanged. I’m still an advocate for artists to be paid fairly. I’m still apprehensive.”

In a year that saw Spotify’s rapprochement with artists including Radiohead and Coldplay, even this cautious return will also be welcomed by the streaming service. If it can tempt Swift back in 2017, though, it would really be a turnaround.

Stuart Dredge
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