January 4, 2017:Hookd to offer pre-cleared commercial music for online video

There are a growing number of companies trying to help online-video creators get pre-cleared music for their content.

London startup Hookd is the latest to break cover. It’s touting “the world’s first pre-cleared, commercial music licensing solution for online video creators”.

Its plan: “By working with major and independent labels and publishers alike, Hookd will provide a simple, mobile friendly, one-stop shop for you to search and license your favourite music directly into your video, wherever you want it to be broadcast online.”

The emphasis is very much on tracks from “real artists” rather than production libraries, with the company promising that its licences are valid for Facebook videos as well as YouTube – a good thing given Facebook’s development of a Content ID-style copyright protection system.

Hookd is also offering a service to creators that will strip uncleared music out of their existing videos and replace it with licensed tracks from its catalogue “without affecting the spoken word in the video at all”. Hookd’s founder and CEO is Paul Sampson, formerly the SVP of global business development at CueSongs.

What’s less clear is how the company can promise that the commercial songs it licenses won’t be automatically claimed through Content ID and similar systems.

Stuart Dredge
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