January 6, 2017:Vertigo Music blends Spotify and video livestreaming

What would you get if you crossed Spotify with video livestreaming apps like Periscope or YouNow? Well, you might get something a bit like Vertigo Music, which quietly launched as an iPhone app this week in North America.

“Link your Spotify account to find songs, build playlists, and listen along with others,” explains the free app’s listing. “Broadcast your music with the option to layer in live video and/or audio to enhance the moment. Receive real-time feedback from broadcast viewers through live commenting. Connect with others to tune into their broadcasts and discover new music and moments.”

There are some thorny questions about how broadcasting music from Spotify sits with music licensing (and, indeed, the terms of its API), but we suspect the way to approach it would be to have viewers accessing a broadcaster’s music from their own Spotify accounts, meaning that the music is being synchronised, while only the live video is being ‘broadcast’.

It’s an interesting idea, although we suspect this kind of idea may be best placed to find a wide audience within Spotify or Facebook.

Stuart Dredge
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