January 10, 2017:Report claims Prince’s back catalogue will soon be streaming

The streaming status of Prince’s back catalogue has been a subject of controversy since the star died last year. Its exclusive availability on Tidal has led to a legal dispute between that service and Prince’s estate.

Now it seems the back catalogue may be on its way back to Tidal’s rivals. According to Bloomberg, the estate is “closing in on deals that will pave the way for the artist’s music to play at major outlets like Spotify and Apple Music… The estate is also nearing a deal with a record label”.

The report suggested that February’s Grammy Awards are an unofficial deadline for these deals to be concluded, to capitalise on an anticipated tribute to Prince at the event. But don’t be counting any chickens in this case before they hatch: “The estate won’t license the catalogue until it has all the rights represented, and talks could fall apart at any time,” warned Bloomberg.

Stuart Dredge
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